Drive Through Car Wash & Detailing Services


Country Club Auto Spa’s Promise.

We are a local company, striving to provide the best quality and customer service in Las Vegas, aiming to make each customer a little happier after they visit us. We happen to be in the car wash business.

Our goals are to (1) provide a fun, but structured work environment for our staff so that pride can be taken in working for Country Club Auto Spa while delivering a quality clean car to our customers, (2) ensure that each customer is not only happy with their cleaned vehicle, but also enjoyed being at our place of business, and (3) accomplish the above for a value price.

To this end, we offer the best prices (and specials) in Las Vegas. We offer simple, straightforward menu options. We offer rewash warranties with no limitations and no extra cost. We insist that you are satisfied with your purchase, and will re-wash your vehicle immediately if you are not.And if, for any reason, you believe we are not meeting our promise, you may contact the manager of Country Club Auto Spa directly at, or by phone at (702) 614-6146.

Country Club Auto Spa … Keep Your Car Clean at Eastern and Serene.

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